Liz Jennings


 I am Liz Jennings and I am the newest member of the My Travel at Midtown team.  I moved to Auburn, Alabama in November of 2006 from Tennessee, where I lived in Memphis and Nashville.  Before realizing that travel was truly a love, I worked for several years with the state and local government.

Once I realized that the travel industry was something I wanted to pursue, I attended travel school.  I have now been in the travel profession for 8 years.  I come to My Travel at Midtown with 6 years of managing a branch office of Dillard’s Travel in Nashville specializing in leisure destinations.



My journeys so far have taken me to some exotic destinations in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, Europe, Israel, and China, as well as numerous areas in the United States.  When  asked what my favorite place to visit was, all I could answer was that  I try to really enjoy every place I visit and make wonderful  memories.  The important thing is that all my past travels enable me to help each client to find that right place for their specific destination.


When I am at home I enjoy reading, needlepoint and knitting.  I also like to work in my garden.  I do not have any children, but I have two dogs that I am very fond of and enjoy taking care of them .  They are a hoot and make me laugh after even the longest day of “travel details”.   I want every person that visits My Travel at Midtown to feel that we are a team and that building relationships is extremely important to us.  Come by and visit, or call.  You are special…. Welcome to our team!


Phone: (334) 749-0877